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Doug Horne

Founder & CEO

Doug has been helping families across Texas with their retirement and financial planning needs for more than two decades. He is a sought-after public speaker, community educator and longtime radio talk show host.

Doug went independent in the financial world in 1999 and created his own company, Aspen Wealth Management. He has served the great state of Texas and its people ever since. He is ready to serve anyone who comes through his door with questions about their retirement vision.

For Doug, it’s all about the conversation and having an open, honest and comfortable talk about the details and dreams of retirement. He carries this approach through to his longtime radio show, where you might have already met him through his voice! Doug is the host of “Dollars and Sense Radio,” and for 14 years, he has been bringing financial information to the listeners of Dallas, Austin and Houston. His show is heard every weekend on multiple radio stations, and these weekly conversations with a familiar voice have worked to forge future client relationships.

Doug is constantly on the move and devotes nearly all of his active energy and time to his clients. When he does get some spare time away from the office, he enjoys baseball and getting to Minute Maid Park every chance he can.

Michele Schuh

Chief Operations Officer

Chi Horne

Agent in Training

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